I am an educated, experienced and qualified Psychologist, PA, Secretary, Humanistic Therapist, web creator, linguist and passionate entrepreneur.

I worked in a nine-to-five career from 1981 until 1992, when I took maternity leave to care for my expanding family.  After that I worked in offices supporting administration, HR and finance as well as software testing.  My studies with the Open University led to graduating in Psychology with an Honours degree in 2006, subsequently training as a psychotherapist between 2005 – 2012.

Today, in between taking and researching for client sessions, I blog about mental health, money, saving and making money, your money mindset and best practice marketing opportunities within the therapy world.

I have built and hosted WordPress websites for myself and our local choir (free and paid), together with supporting local entrepreneurs with website management.

This portfolio of services perfectly ties together my passion to support people and small to medium companies, including my experience spanning almost 40 years.

I am a heart-centred communicator and networker, in the real world and online and I truly enjoy building lasting relationships with clients and colleagues.

On a personal note: I was born in the late 1950s in Switzerland to a Welsh father and English mother. My father has a background of naval captains but was an eminent physicist at CERN prior to his retirement in 1982.  My late mother had a background in education before marriage in 1949 (given the times) which saw her leaving work to raise a family and support her husband.  From 1960 to 1970 we lived in the north of England, before returning to Switzerland where I remained until 1977 when I returned to the UK to finish my schooling.

I possess the best elements (I think!) of a “split brain”, working equally happily between left (logical) and right (heart-based, intuitive, empathic) functions.

Those who know me would probably describe me as an intelligent deep thinker with extraordinary talent in bringing out the best in people with strong intuition (but others can be the judge).  I am persistent in my pursuit of information and sharing of knowledge. I love Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love, reflections on a course in Miracles and try to use these lessons in my own life.

I’m independent, curious and determined— given to both impulsiveness and tenaciousness even those aspects may appear mutually exclusive.  I pursue things I think are necessary to live a good and comfortable life yet enjoy adventures when the occasion presents.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about the things I love and as emotionally aware as I can be, which includes how I work. I value quality time with the people I love and appreciate good food and wine.   Somewhat nomadic in that I don’t follow the sheep, I am passionate about living my life to the fullest.  Oh and good spelling. But I still catch myself making the odd typo…… perfection is slightly out of range but I do my best to inform, correct and change as necessary.