Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing

There’s a Facebook group entitled “Work from home UK” from which it is clear *many people* are searching for a way to earn money whilst staying at home for whatever reason is personal to them.  A stay at home mother wanting to remain at home whilst her children grow up, someone who wants to supplement their income, an independent distributor who knows there’s more out there.

These companies tend to work in a similar vein.  Either there is a one-off sign up for say £45-£100 for some initial stock which can be used as a demonstration kit, together with some of the latest catalogues, or you can sign up for free and sell directly from your website.

Sometimes you can have your very own “cloned” website that has your name and all products that are purchased from there will automatically gain you commission, along with your user’s ability to sign up under you as a distributor (so you both earn commission from that end user’s purchasing power).  You will also have a “back end” website where you can place orders at a discounted price (can vary between 20-40% discount) so you make the money at source once you’ve sold the product to your customer.

The way in which you earn more money is by “selling” the idea to another potential distributor who then signs up and earns their commission or discounted products and a % share is given to you.  Often you might get a bonus if you hit certain sales targets in a specific period of time.

At the time of writing I am particularly interested in the following:

Neal’s Yard Remedies (you can sign up through me, earn commission through what you sell or simply purchase products.  There are frequent discounts so keep looking!)  Join my facebook group here where I post details of current offers!

HB Naturals CBD suppliers are very much “of the moment”.  They have been shown to be effective in reducing pain, stress and anxiety.  This particular site also showcases CBD products for our pets – after all, if you are a pet lover you will understand how much you want to alleviate your pet’s occasional suffering without resorting to a huge vets bill.  They also supply beauty and weight loss products.  You can sign up with my code and also benefit from discounted health products!

I am also investigating The Body Shop at Home.  Please click the link to join my facebook group where I will be posting offers and sales on the multi-award winning skin care products and much more.

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