As a therapist it is clear that working on a 1:1 basis (exchanging time for money) has limitations.

Perhaps you’re a therapist reading this, thinking… there must be a better way to earn a healthy income!

I have spent a considerable amount of money on mentoring and business courses … “money likes speed” … and people who highlight your emotional pain in order to get your cash.  That works so well in so many areas of marketing!  I have spent hours in conversation with people wanting me to buy their course “what would it be worth to you” etc. when I have not got the money, no credit card… “but if it was really important to you, you would find the money”. Yes, perhaps I would but nowadays the “not knowing” wins.  I’m doing my own research.

Burn out is real and simply taking on more clients to achieve a financially healthy lifestyle is not always an option.  Not only that if you have additional expenses such as room hire, there are cancellation considerations too.  Why would you be out of pocket when you’ve offered a service and your client has cancelled at short notice?

Many gurus out there can help with gaining new clients, helping with marketing messages, helping you to niche (you have to niche to make money apparently)… look a bit further and there’s daily promotions flashed in front of your eyes on how to make money whilst you sleep, generating online courses, books etc. and most of these courses and people offering mentorships cost thousands, thus further adding to your debt if you’re anything like me.

Ethics, where are you! Oh, I have to devise my own… walk away from the expensive course that promises the earth… “if you commit”… walk away from the perma-subscription button that extracts money from you every month as your awareness blurs through your desire to simply earn a living and feel more comfortable.

After years of burying my head in the sand, running up debts due to the nature of my work as a therapist (training costs, CPD costs, insurance and memberships of four professional bodies) I had to get myself money savvy with how I use services etc and see where costs could be reduced or removed and be really clear on where I needed to put my money. Also how I could make more money by serving more people and become more widely known as a financial therapist expert, how you can make use of free marketing tools that are widely available online for example, and in turn help others make the most of their services.

Hopefully in writing something of my story I can help turn things around to help others avoid getting burned or help you pick up the pieces so you can re-invent yourself and the business that you were born to do!