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Making Money Online

Want to earn money by completing research studies?

Prolific Ac is a website where university researchers ask the general public opinions about various topics to explore opinions and more.  You can sign up easily here!

Another way to earn small amounts here and there (it all adds up!) is to link up with Genera8. This application places a small cookie on your computer and each time you visit websites that Genera8 sponsors, you earn a token.  Given that everything we do online these days is tracked anyway, why not be rewarded for your surfing?

People Per Hour – here you can sign up to work for people as a freelancer.  You can find me here.  I detail the skills I have that might suit others who need something doing quickly, such as copytyping (my first job was as a secretary!), bookkeeping (I trained in Sage 50 accounts); plus I have microsoft office skills and WordPress website skills and someone might just want something fixing!