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My Other Job

My other job as a therapist is incredibly fulfilling but sometimes making a living can feel like pushing water uphill. Take a “snow day” like recently and clients cancelled due to the snow, so no income for me today!

Earning an authentic living, doing what I love to do has had many setbacks for me.  After my divorce most of the settlement went on providing a good living as a single parent to my two daughters and home improvements. Most jobs pay less than £12 per hour in office work and self employment as a psychotherapist can have setbacks.  (See my post on Making Money as a Therapist).

I have worked as a psychotherapist since 2008; having spent the best part of my earlier career before children as a PA / Secretary, and also training up in HR.  See more information on my qualifications here.

After my psychology degree I pursued a career in therapy simply because I wanted the world to be a happier place.  Check me out here.

Being “money orientated” somehow felt wrong.  Yet all therapists work to make a living and be rewarded for my gifts and society needs us to make a difference!

The quality training therapists undertake, membership of professional bodies, membership of marketing websites, Professional Indemnity Insurance, further training, supervision, counselling for yourself and self care ….  the costs add up.  I couldn’t keep taking on more clients as it has led to burnout in the past. Nor could I simply take on clients just so I could pay the bills as then my work could be compromised.  It wasn’t about the money as such, but then money is what makes the world go round!

And that is why I have set up this website.  Whatever you do, you want to make a bit more money on the side but it has to sit with your ethics and beliefs too.  Fall in love with money! It is your friend, not your foe!  We need it to pay the bills, survive, and thrive!  Work on your money mindset just as I have worked on mine!

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