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The best site that I’ve found in this neck of the woods is Prolific.  You fill in some details about yourself and studies are sent to you, which can be completed in a very short space of time.  Your submissions, if complete and accepted, get converted into cash rewards.  Once you reach £5, the money is paid directly into your paypal account.  Easy and you can while away 5-10 minutes in the name of research.  Click here to get started!

Other ways to earn money if you have a few minutes to while away are through:


20cogs (complete offers online – once you have 20 cogs turning green, it’s possible to cash out).  Great if you don’t mind completing lottery offers, Which trials and spending a bit of money to cash in a lot more!  Remember to cancel any trials if you don’t fancy paying their monthly subscription.

I find that these surveys often take a long time, and even longer to earn you any decent points or cash.  At the time of writing because I didn’t have “enough points” I was unable to cite a decent referral code; partly because I’m Ms Average so got screened out of a lot of them at source.

I still prefer Prolific though as you’re also supporting academic research students and the surveys are very straightforward and the cash is tangible from the word go!

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