Do you find yourself struggling to keep clients, make a modicum of an income, feel guilty if you charge too much or worse still, feel like you’re burning out as a therapist?

You may  have seen around this site that sometimes working as a therapist is an absolute gift; it provides transformation to clients they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced.  BUT you’re trading Time for Money.  And it’s not sustainable.

But what can I do, you ask?

Here are 9 ways in which you can make more money as a therapist or coach.

  1. Fall in Love with Money. Interesting how when we start out as therapists or counsellors, we get shy about asking for money.  The industry can also be rife with judgement in terms of who’s charging what, and whether they are simply “in it for the money”; or we ourselves seem to have a poverty mindset.  Obviously we have to make a living; after all, we trained for it.  Yes, we’re not going to get on with everyone but those clients whom we do work well with, get results.  Let’s get wealthier! Check out Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich.
  2. Manage Your Time Effectively.  I have an online scheduler, setmore where people can book in a discovery call with me to see if we are a good fit to work together.  I have set the days and times that suit me, with an allowance of 15 – 30 minutes between sessions.  I also book clients in this way and it sends out automatic reminders to both myself and the client.  I have a 48 hour cancellation policy in place.  Minimise distractions and keep to the timetable, scheduling in free time for when you require it.  .
  3. Make a Plan for Your Business. Just as we write treatment plans for clients, depending on the type of client, so write one up for your business.  How much DO you want to earn?  How do you log finances?  How much time do you want to allocate to working ON the business rather than IN the business?  Have a vision as to where you want to be in YOUR business.  How many days and hours do you want to work? What kinds of clients do you love working with?  You want to make sure to find time for self care too, or perhaps you have a dog to walk, children to see?  How much time do you want outside of the business?  Do you enjoy networking?  What groups are there near you?  If you don’t have a plan, you’ll end up taking a scattergun approach to your business which may lead to burnout quicker than you can say it.  You will make more money if you have a plan as to when and how you will do so.
  4. Networking. It is important to connect with other likeminded solo-preneurs; life as a therapist, healer or coach can be quite isolatory.  Connecting with others gives you a feel for where you can pitch yourself too, both in the area and in your profession.  Authentic relationships are one of the foundations of success as a psychotherapist in private practice. This is where social media can really help you build your practice and your network. Write a blog and share it, or share things you’ve found online that support the way that you want to work.  This will create a magnet for referrals and open more doors for you.
  5. Get Paid to Blog or write / create your own. Blogging is an area that many therapists, coaches and healers may excel in; writing to heal, or writing from experience.  Many people love to read others’ life stories.  You can find paid blogging gigs online. If that daunts you, simply write your own and share it widely on social media.
  6. Create and Sell an Information Product. Writing a short article on 10 ways to better relationships, or creating a relaxation recording for clients.  If you create several recordings these can be sold directly from your website and position you as an expert in your chosen area.
  7. Create a Workshop.  Many coaches and therapists have some expertise to offer others. You could run a day workshop on healing relationships or resolving relational conflict.  Pick an area that you are passionate about, write some material up and test the market out on Facebook.  A lot of social media marketeers recommend building a tribe first (a Facebook group), inviting people in and sharing content and then asking them what they would want.
  8. Speak / Teach for Money. Following on from the idea of running a workshop, some organisations pay for professionals to come and speak at their meetings. There are all sorts of professional association conferences that seek key note speakers. Have a look around, develop YOUR passion and get in touch with colleges and universities.
  9. Publish a Book. This is an area that is getting easier as time goes on.  If you feel comfortable blogging, this is one step further along the way. There are plenty of ways to self-publish, especially through Amazon Kindle. There is a great Facebook group that can support you on your journey.  You can also find great templates that will help you lay out your material for the low cost (at the time of writing) of USD59.  Do your research though initially! The book can be sold from your website, on a marketplace such as Amazon, or sold wherever you go.
  10. Stop Trading Time for Money.  Think differently and package up your sessions.  Most people are looking for a RESULT, an Outcome.  Focus on the Outcome you deliver your clients and sell a package of sessions.  This doesn’t stop you selling 1-1 sessions or free discovery sessions, but make it easy for them to buy in to what you are offering by making it clear as to what you give them.

You trained for many years; perhaps you’ve a degree, a masters, diplomas and more.  This cost you time and money.  Perhaps you also attended therapy yourself as part of your training. Now you are helping clients heal, grow and change. It is Your turn to grow as a therapist that helps more people, making more money in the process and reap the rewards of what you now offer others.  Plan, be creative and above all, Have Fun With Money!

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