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Saving Money

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How do we save money?

Whenever you go shopping, check out “cashback sites”.  The one I use is Topcashback.  Earn money on all your shopping – sounds counterintuitive, but it’s quite nice to know that if you’re buying something you’d purchase anyway, there’s an incentive to earn a bit of cash too!

Another useful site is Quidco.
Simply search for your retailer in the search box, then click through to the site to earn your cashback.  As a point of reference, I searched for Marks and Spencer on both TopCashBack (up to 4.04{718e1c1b4017634d4875140ed9b48f89888e42cf4a82d0256973d18f9f99676f}) and Quidco (5{718e1c1b4017634d4875140ed9b48f89888e42cf4a82d0256973d18f9f99676f}).  So again, savvy shoppers check what your return is – it pays to research! (Pun intended!)

Savings accounts can earn you around 2.15{718e1c1b4017634d4875140ed9b48f89888e42cf4a82d0256973d18f9f99676f} interest if you do searches online to work out the best account to use.  Check out this link for a comparison.

You could also consider setting yourself up with a trading account on the stock exchange.  Or start index investing – check out this Amazon Book.

Where do you want to save money?

If you are looking for a cheaper energy deal there are dozens of comparison sites out there and whilst they may not be the cheapest (each site may take a cut off the advertisement), you can then go onto the site itself to double check the prices.  I made up an excel spreadsheet to compare different costs per Kwh for electricity and gas.  Each supplier also has a “daily standing charge” so make sure you’re comparing like with like.  If you simply give an estimated yearly standing charge, this may not actually be a valid comparison!

So pay attention to the detail.  Some cheaper companies also charge two months up front, and whilst you are in the middle of a switchover, the company you are moving on from will give you a final bill as well, so the initial switchover will cost more in the short term.

If you want to save money on basic household items, Lidl and Aldi are great places to shop.

For example, Lidl have “Aussie Shampoo” at 99 pence per bottle.  The bottles look identical to the £4.99 versions in mainstream supermarkets and chemists.  Ingredients are fairly similar too.  Why pay  more?  Lidl & Aldi regularly carry weekly offers so check them out.  I’ve bought kinesio tape and running leggings at a very good price in the past.

If you want to earn cashback on purchases, log into Top Cashback, search for preferred online retailer (there are so many now, even Ebay features).  You can earn cash through your paypal account or get a gift card from a major retailer such as Amazon.




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