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Matched Betting

Some of you may not like the idea of this as it has the word “betting” in it.  But it isn’t actually betting, it’s a numbers game where you might “beat the bookie” at their own game.  You bet on something to win, and using a different website, bet on it to lose.  The difference is what you make.

Where you win is where the bookies are offering free bets so you use a calculator to work out a) the odds that are displayed within the chosen website (such as Odds Monkey or Profit Accumulator) and that calculator tells you how much to put down as a stake.

There are lots of guides walking you through this process. Check out my links below to join in and make some tax free cash!

Team Profit
Odds Monkey 
Profit Accumulator

Also check out this Facebook group

There’s tons of support and they’ll even walk you through your first matched betting experience.  All you have to lose is the odd penny as you start to work your way through offers and get your free bets awarded.


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