Mindset… Money… Matters.

This website aims to help you become more money savvy, make more money and save more money.

As a business owner and therapist I have found many ways to both spend and waste a lot of money as I set about my journey and as a result can show you exactly where YOU can save money and learn to make more money on your own journey, whether you are a therapist or a self-employed entrepreneur.  Learn about YOUR money triggers, beat money anxiety and improve your money mindset.

There are so many ways in which you can set up your therapy business on a shoestring and still make a lot of money if you choose the right areas to spend your time on and choose when to outsource once you are making a good income from your business.  It can take time but I can show you how!

Perhaps self-care is your thing and you need to find more economical ways to take care of yourself.

Or your health has become compromised as you strive to earn a decent living and forget to take care of yourself in terms of what you eat and take into your body on a daily basis.

I cite ideas on living more healthily (&cheaply if you do all your own cooking/baking) through #ketogenic recipes as a sideline! Click through to find out more!  My best foodie friends are the ketodietapp and The Real Meal Revolution.

Did you know that the number one source of all arguments is around money? Aside from sex, money is one of the main reason couples fight.

In addition, money is used as a weapon, a control, a reason to keep people, a reason to drive people away. MONEY is something that everyone is interested in.Making money, saving money, manifesting money seem to be a major source of emotion for us.

What was your early experience of money?  Was it “money is the root of all evil”? (a biblical interpretation given to me when I took confirmation classes at our local church in Geneva).

If you have no money, you cannot exchange anything for goods or services. It would render you unable to eat, live a healthy life, go places and see friends… in short you could be homeless and destitute without money coming in.

In my “personal history”, earning money seemed to be about “working one’s butt off” and let’s face it, the national living wage will raise in April 2019 to £8.21 per hour for the over 25s. So if you’re working a 37.5 hour week, that gives you approximately £307 per week before taxes and national insurance. It’s approximately £1300 a month. So if you have bills which amount to £400 ish per month, rent or mortgage to pay at £600 per month (I’m being conservative here, many areas are a lot more expensive unless you can share with a.n. other), that leaves you £300 per week. Add in extraneous expenses or unexpected expenses such as car maintenance, fuel, pets etc. then the average person on the street is going to be struggling!

Perhaps you learned that in order to make money, you had to work hard.

There is a real need to get in touch and make friends with your finances. Money can be a bit like our weight; we don’t really want to know how much we weigh for fear of seeing how much weight we’ve put on; equally we may fear looking at our bank account in case we’ve overspent on a particular month.  Look at it. Check it out.  Find out ways to make more money online and save money today!

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