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In addition to my passion for blogging about saving / making money, I also follow a ketogenic diet which dates back to the 1920s when doctors used it to help control seizures for people with epilepsy.  When someone is in nutritional Ketosis, the process creates two acids in the blood, ketones and decanoic acid, that our bodies and brains use for fuel.  Here are 15 health conditions that may benefit from a Ketogenic diet.

When I began my keto journey I subscribed to the food pyramid we all know so well, which looks something like this:


On a keto diet, it looks like this:ketofoodpyramid

Source: Ketodiet app.

In order to help me in my continuation of my lifestyle, I have set up a facebook group for people in the area here, and am a member of the Low Carb facebook group too.  Click the links if you would like to join!

People I follow are:

Dr Sarah Hallberg  (claims that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed through a ketogenic diet/way of life) Check out her out on YouTube.
The Diet Doctor (Sign up to free ketogenic trial)
Dr Eric Berg (lots of great youtube videos)

Books I enjoy reading are:

The Real Meal Revolution (lots of great recipes)

Links to all my recipes

Keto “bread” rolls
Keto “cheese & bacon” muffins
Keto chocolate mousse
Spinach Gratin

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