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Well Being, Relaxation, Weight Loss Products

Disclaimer: *** this page uses affiliate links ***

I am a network marketer for three companies:

Neal’s Yard Remedies who sell the most wonderful products that come in beautiful blue bottles, mostly!  They cover health and well-being with products that tempt the senses both within and without.  You can also sign up with them to receive products at a discount and build a team, or simply purchase from them. Their products are ethically sourced.  Find out more here!  You can even purchase gift vouchers directly through me.

HBNaturals – CBD is becoming more prevalent and available as time goes on, with CBD affording many amazing health benefits.  This company, which is based in the USA also sells health and well-being products that include slimming tea, skin care products as well as CBD Oil. You can read more about CBD oil, its uses and benefits here. To join HBNaturals as an affiliate and buy products at wholesale prices or simply purchase CBD products, click here.  You will see from the testimonials how much people enjoy using them and how beneficial they find them!

Weight loss! At the time of writing it is the New Year and so often people start out with well intentions with resolutions but sometimes need a helping hand.  I am a distributor with Herbalife (who have travelled through their own stories of updating products and much more.  Whilst I myself follow a ketogenic way of eating as it suits me (please feel free to join my FREE facebook group for tips and recipes and more) some people like Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) as it takes all the guesswork out of eating.  Try their complete meal shake or other products to support you in your weight loss goals! Email me if you have any concerns or otherwise.

As with all dietary guidance, please check with your doctor before embarking on nutritional changes in diet.

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