Learn the best way to blog and make money.

I wrote more about making money from a passive income here.

The site www.getblogged.net is a place where you can write blogs for other people and make money.  Check it out!  I have recently signed up for it.

I am currently taking Emma Drew’s Turn Your Dreams into Money blogging course.  Much of what I have learned has already been incorporated into this blog and I have more to learn.

If you would like to learn how to learn a great living through blogging, then taking this course is the best thing you can do.  It is literally jam packed with information from literally starting out, to choosing your domain name, hosting a website and generating money from it.  Emma has a website (click the link) which is an award winning blog focusing on Money – making it, finding it, saving it and much more.  She also regularly posts on instagram on some of her lifestyle money-making finds.  Find a topic or niche that really fascinates you and write about it!  Click here to sign up! for her blogging course today!