*** Contains Affiliate Links ***

Want to earn money by completing research studies?

Prolific Ac is a website where university researchers ask the general public opinions about various topics to explore opinions and more.  You can sign up easily here!

Another way to earn small amounts here and there (it all adds up!) is to link up with Genera8. This application places a small cookie on your computer and each time you visit websites that Genera8 sponsors, you earn a token.  Given that everything we do online these days is tracked anyway, why not be rewarded for your surfing?

People Per Hour – here you can sign up to work for people as a freelancer.  You can find me here.  I detail the skills I have that might suit others who need something doing quickly, such as copytyping (my first job was as a secretary!), bookkeeping (I trained in Sage 50 accounts); plus I have microsoft office skills and WordPress website skills and someone might just want something fixing!

Website testing – sign up to Ping Pong, test websites and earn up to £50 per hour – use this link to sign up!

FluidStack is a cloud platform that serves website content from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centres). They save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use.  They seek 100 test users to run FluidStack nodes. This means installing the software and leaving it running in the background. When your device isn’t in use, we will use a bit of your bandwidth and CPU to test our network.

The requirements are a good internet upload speed and a Windows desktop computer. We pay a flat $5 USD per month (more for better connections) to have the node running.  They also pay USD5 for all referrals.

You can sign up for a spot here: https://provider.fluidstack.io. Just register for an account and fill out the information form, and they will get back to you by next Friday. They pay with PayPal, so please make sure to sign up with a PayPal email!