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Why this Site

Why did I start this website?

Mainly to showcase my journey and varying struggles through which I hope you will pick up ideas too.

When my marriage broke down in 2002 I was in a great deal of emotional pain.  It was hard to work out what was required of ME to  make a relationship work.  I attracted men who really did love me but it was hard to reciprocate.  Being told I had to think less, work harder, be different, learn to put up and accept what I had, there was a burning desire within me that said things could be different.  Starting projects that I couldn’t finish, finding that my heart wasn’t in the “right space” (whatever that was), seeing money run through my fingers as I strove to find the thing that I needed to find that enabled life to flow happily and freely.

I believe I have something to offer you.  Through being told (or feeling) I wasn’t good enough or needed to adjust in some way (and failing a LOT at school despite inherent and genetically acquired intelligence) led me to studying Psychology with the Open University.  This in turn led to psychotherapy studies.  Knowing that obviously I had to “deal with” myself also drove me to helping others.  In helping others we help ourselves.

With previously acquired secretarial and HR skills it was still possible to make the most of those skills as they support me through building my own business but also as a skill that enabled a steady income whilst the therapy business grew, stopped, went on hold, grew again (burnout is a thing, you know).

Also to illustrate what I could do for you, to research projects, products and my assist with editing, copy-typing and much more.  There has to be a better way to showcase talents online!

So this site is set up as ME, my name, in which I discuss research sites, freelancing work sites, surveys, MLM companies and  many other sites where I have picked up ideas and tips about money, money saving and also ways in which you can promote your ideas.  I investigate money making opportunities, scams and more.  This is a “thinking by doing” site, but also one where I talk about just being.

I have set up and run several WordPress websites and will be writing articles and booklets that help YOU find the information YOU need.  As a PA and Secretary in my early business career, sourcing information was a skill; even now I stubbornly refuse to accept that something cannot be found. Online, it’s a big world.

I started this website primarily to track my progress, but I aim to show you many ways in which you can make extra money online using tried and tested methods.  Choose what suits YOU and let me know in the comments below!

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